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"Shanna-Kaye definitely knocked it out of the park with this guide!! She has broke everything down that you need to get through a newborn/child session EVEN a timeline of your day and email responses to your clients!!! I always thought that posing and angles were so hard to understand but she shows how you can pose once and get SEVERAL different looks out of that ONE pose!! Must buy if you are just getting into Newborns!!"

-Karidan Chapman, Owner of Kaye's Photography

100+ page digital PDF guide with:

Newborn posing tips
Behind the scenes photos
A peek inside her home studio
Where to get quality props
Tips for posing kids naturally
and more!!

Are you feeling stuck because newborns just won't pose like you want them too? Or you get stressed out because the 1st birthday session was a flop and it's YOU who wants to cry?

Let's get real-it is HARD getting started in photography! Trying to figure out where to get props, what you really NEED to start, and how to be professional so clients take you seriously...it can be overwhelming.

This is where this guide comes in. Shanna-Kaye has poured her heart out into these 100+ pages to explain what she does to have a successful and exciting photography business, while staying at home with her kids.

She shares tips on using social media to help find clients & what kind of web presence has helped her business, along with showing you what it really looks like when your shooting in a home studio with natural light.

It is practical, and will help give you confidence to book newborn & kid sessions and be EXCITED about them!

"I want to make you as giddy about photographing newborns and children as a kid in a candy store. My goal is after you read and implement the tips in this guide, they will give you an extra boost to become the best photographer you can be!"

Reviews from photographers:

"If you are looking to really improve your newborn photography...THIS is the guide you need! I have been wanting to take my newborn sessions to the next level, and this has been a life saver! Shanna goes into great detail on how to pose, edit, and all things behind the scene. All those questions I have been wanting to ask have been answered! I can't wait for my next newborn session now!"
Kirstie H.

"Shanna-Kaye's Newborn to Kids posing guide is insightful, upbeat and offers tips that are an asset to any newborn or child photographer! The guide includes step by step how-tos combined with behind-the-scenes photos and is just packed with great information. As a newborn photographer myself, I wholeheartedly agree -- "photograph what makes you happy." Shanna-Kaye not only loves what she does, she provides the tools you'll need to perfect your skill and continue further into your journey of loving what you do!"
Trina D.